​​​​​​​​​​​​​​h2workarea550.pngThe ​​goal of the hydrogen and ​fuel cell activity at INL is to develop a holistic approach for hydrogen production and ​​​usage. Researchers leverage existing regional strengths (such as wind, solar, and nuclear energy production) to enable clean and efficient hydrogen solutions for power grids, transportation applications, and ancillary industries.​


Work being done at INL and in conjunction with collaborators includes the following:

  • Leveraging real-time digital simulators to understand the potential benefits of hydrogen production for the grid.
  • ​​Investigating low-temperature electrolysis and proton exchange membrane fuel cells for hydrogen production and electric generation with our partner, National Renewable Energy Laboratory​​ in Golden, Colorado​
  • Exploring high-temperature electrolysis and solid oxide fuel cells for hydrogen production and electric generation.
  • Exploring hydrogen storage and distribution as it applies to fuel-cell bus fleet operation.
  • Exploring non-transportation applications for hydrogen (e.g., chemical, fertilizers, refining, etc.). 

Hydrogen Brochure


​​Research Contact:  Richard Boardman   -   Phone: (208) 526-3083   -   Richard.Boardman@inl.gov