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​INL developed significant leadership in battery diagnosis, prognosis, and failure analysis. Notable techniques include quantitative electrochemical analyses, pressure-induced cell-performance improvements, fast diagnosis of failure mechanisms and lifetime prediction, and quantification of performance metrics to aid cell design and performance-improvement strategies using standardized testing protocols.

INL also extends some of these cell-level diagnostics to module and pack levels to identify imminent and long-term safety-critical issues and faults (e.g., battery hard shorts after a crash scenario) or nascent faults (e.g., battery soft shorts) that could potentilly develop into a safety-critical fault. Besides developing these diagnostic techniques, INL also works to advance the ability to systematically and more-directly compare the validity of different diagnostic tools for EV batteries. To facilitate the comparison, INL is developing a robust methodology and a reconfigurable, diagnostic evaluation platform capable of assessing different diagnostic tools and battery-management systems. The platform and methods will evaluate the real-time performance and stability in emerging safety-critical automotive situations—e.g., stranded energy, XFC, etc., for a host of different emerging diagnostic technologies. For more information please check ​out the publications below.​


Perspective on durability, reliability, safety, and abuse tolerance for a chemical system like a battery


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