Communication-Implications of Local Current Density Variations on Lithium Plating Affected by Cathode Particle Size

Abboud, Alexander W.; Dufek, Eric J.; Liaw, Boryann

March 2019 - Consistent performance of Li metal electrode (LME) relies on well-distributed current across the electrode surface. Lithium plating and dendrite growth are challenging issues for LME performance in high-energy rechargeable Li battery (RLB) development. The morphology of Li plating is affected by local current density variations on LME. A three-dimensional RLB cell model is used to study current density variations induced by cathode particle size. Smaller cathode particles show lower variances in the current density distribution throughout the separator. The results suggest particle size could affect uniformity of Li plating, propensity for dendrite formation and ultimately cycle life of RLB.

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