Concept Design of Active Shielding for Dynamic Wireless Charging of Light-duty EV

Bo Zhang, Richard Carlson, Shawn Salisbury, Charles Dickerson, Timothy Pennington, Lee Walker and Eric Dufek

June 2020 - Dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles is a flexible and state of the art charging technology with the potential capability of enabling fully automated in-motion charging. With charging power increasing to more than 100 kW for light duty vehicles, electromagnetic field (EMF) emission becomes a critical challenge. Due to the high costs of ferrite materials, this paper proposes an active shielding solution with multiple canceling coils installed on the ground side to supplement ferrite passive shielding to ensure electromagnetic safety. Two canceling coils are designed on two sides of the ground side coil. The canceling coils are small in size and 180 degree opposite in phase to the ground coil. Simulation and modeling shows that the canceling coils can reduce EMF emission from 37.2 μT to 18.2 μT at 0.8 m during 100 kW operation with only 2.5% of ground side current flowing in the canceling coils. These results have been preliminarily verified by inductance measurements and magnetic field measurement at 1.1 m distance without canceling coils. By further increasing the canceling coils’ currents to 4%, EMF emission can also be mitigated at 200 kW, although the canceling coils’ shape, position, and phase angle can be further optimized to improve the three-dimensional field distribution.

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