A machine learning framework for early detection of lithium plating combining multiple physics-based electrochemical signatures

Bor-RongChen, M. RossKunz, Tanvir R.Tanim, Eric J.Dufek

March 2021 - A key challenge for lithium (Li)-ion batteries is the capability to manage battery performance and predict lifetime. Early detection of battery-aging phenomena and the implications for the performance are crucial for maintaining warranty and avoiding safety-related liabilities. We established a framework for early detection of loss of Li inventory, which is further separated into Li plating and normal solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) formation. Although SEI formation is inevitable, Li plating causes serious degradation and safety issues. Therefore, Li plating must be identified and avoided. Our framework differentiates Li plating from SEI-formation-dominated cells based on data from the first 25 aging cycles. This classification framework is based on machine learning (ML); multiple coherent and physically meaningful electrochemical signatures along the aging process are used. We also demonstrate that multiple electrochemical signatures must be combined to increase accuracy in the classification.

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